Chardonnay tasting with Swirl Girl Denver

Swirl Girl Denver Kendra Anderson hosted a fun Chardonnay tasting at her home.  Guests were invited to bring a bottle of Chardonnay.  There were three from Colorado (Boulder Creek, Canyon Wind, and Infinite Monkey Theorem), as well as Chardonnays from California, France, Chile, and New Zealand. Kendra, a trained chef and sommelier, offered a fantastic array of toasted cashews, seafood salad, smoked salmon, and Stilton with fig preserves to help tasters identify the flavors common to Chardonnay.  In addition, she offered a lesson on how to open a bottle of wine using a sommelier corkscrew — without drawing blood!  The event was a Tweetup for Forkly, so throughout the night tasters posted their thoughts using the Forkly app. In all, a great night of wine, food, friends, and Forkly.   Cheers!


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