Posted in February 2014

Crossover Episode: Mindful wine tasting

A crossover episode: where the day job and night job collide! At a recent meeting of our patient support group, a psychologist gave a presentation on mindfulness and symptom management. The goal of practicing mindfulness is to become intensely aware of the present experience without self-judgment and with acceptance and intention…and to develop more awareness … Continue reading

The Cherry Tomato: Fresh neighborhood Italian joint

Garlic. Olive oil. Tomatoes. Many tasty dishes contain these ingredients, especially at The Cherry Tomato, a cozy, family-friendly Italian restaurant located in a former pharmacy in Park Hill. The original tile welcomes diners at the main entrance. A hungry eater can almost envision neatly stocked aisles where tables covered in red and white checked tablecloths … Continue reading

Sienna Wine Bar: A treasure around the corner

Stepping into Sienna Wine Bar & Small Plates is like opening your grandmother’s jewelry box. There are sparkling treats inside, in the form of a shimmering handmade bar, glasses of bubbles, vintage accessories, an eclectic mix of furniture, tasty nibbles, and lots of good wine. A recent stop included a Winter Reds Flight: * Hedges … Continue reading

beast+bottle: Wholly good food and wine

It can be a nail-biter when fans of one beloved but now departed restaurant await the opening of a new restaurant in that location. Such was the case with beast+bottle, the new tenant in the 17th Avenue space of the former Olivéa. Fans can rest easy, knowing beast+bottle is a new Uptown favorite. beast+bottle is … Continue reading

The Curtis Club: Fit for foodies

A cross between an upstate New York hunting lodge, Wyoming ranch house, and the housewares department at Gorsuch, The Curtis Club offers fantastic food in a rustic urban setting. The same care that went into the hand-built décor made largely from reclaimed wood – including the hand-built tables with embedded horseshoes – is seen in … Continue reading