Wine & Whey: It’s a Malbec!


Previously at Wine & Whey:

Students in our Beginner Wine Class returned to Wine & Whey to bottle our baby Malbec. This turned out to be the easier and less time-consuming part of the wine-making process. A month earlier we had spent a leisurely afternoon at Wine & Whey tasting wine and choosing our kit, then going through the steps from kit to carboy. This time we: (1) washed bottles, (2) filled bottles), (3) corked bottles, (4) foiled bottles, and (5) labeled bottles.

Washing the bottles.

Ta-da! Each student had 3 bottles of very young Malbec to take home. Everyone opted for bottle-aging before tasting, so there was not one report of how our very young wine tasted. A guess? An imbalanced combination of grape juice, alcohol, and oak.

Even 30 days in a bottle can work wonders. Wine & Whey owner Pamela Zorn poured Italian Amarone bottled one month ago for the students to enjoy while we worked. While still very young, this wine showed promise for what could be with a little age.


Pamela Zorn teaches students how to fill a bottle.

Co-owner Ron Zorn provided labels for students who did not bring their own. Thanks to Ron, our 6 bottles were labeled “Wine” with a bar code that means “Wine.” The half-case will sit in our wine closet for several months to allow for more aging. Stay tuned for a tasting report!


Foiling the bottles. Above: our Malbec. Below, a white-wine lover foils her bottle of Chardonnay.


What next? One option is to return to make a personal batch of wine as we did in a class. That way you can control the type of wine and all of the decisions about what to include from the kit.

Another option is the Wine & Whey Advanced Winemaking Course.This course is preparation for participating in Wine & Whey’s Red Wine Crush in October 2014. During harvest season, they are planning to receive a delivery of grapes to undergo the full winemaking process, from grape to glass. Sign up for your spot in the course now.

Wine & Whey offers a number of wine and cheese making classes. Some of their students have been engaged couples who are making wine for their upcoming weddings, as well as bridal showers, gourmet clubs, corporate team-building events, and groups of wine-loving friends.

Until our next adventure in wine and food…

Wine & Whey
3559 Larimer Street, between 35th Street & Downing
Denver, Colorado 80205
Neighborhood: River North Art District


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