Colorado Wine Tasting: Boulder Wine Studios’ Grand Opening


Boulder Wine Studios hosted its grand opening on Sunday, June 28, 2014. And what an opening it was! Member wineries BookCliff Vineyards, Settembre Cellars, and What We Love: The Winery offered five pours each of their wines. The $10.00 admission fee included 15 tastes and a commemorative wine glass. The Rolling Tomato was on hand making wood-fired pizzas to sample with the wine.


Settembre Cellars’ owner-winemaker Blake Eliasson makes Old World wines in the Italian style. His wines are complex and food-friendly, enhancing the dining experience. Made from 100% Colorado grapes, perhaps not surprisingly, they pair well with Italian food – including wood-fired pizza.


Co-owner Tracy Eliasson welcomed tasters to the wine bar. Settembre Cellars poured a red flight, white flight, or taster’s choice flight. My picks: 2010 Chardonnay, 2011 Dry Riesling, 2013 Rosato, 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2009 Fusione. Two of many highlights:

* 2011 Dry Riesling – some say Riesling should be Colorado’s grape. This wine is an excellent example of why. Crisp and refreshing with just the right amount of residual sugar, multiple possible food pairings unfold with each sip.

* 2009 Fusione – the winery’s first blend is made from 70% Syrah and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon. Deep, rich, and earthy, it would pair well with roasted meats and red sauce.


BookCliff Vineyards’ owner-winemaker John Garlich celebrates 100% Colorado fruit in New World wines that are delicious when opened but even better as they open up over great conversation with friends. And they pair well with food too.


Co-owner Ulla Merz welcomed tasters to the wine bar. BookCliff Vineyards poured a choice of tastes from their full selection. My picks: 2013 Muscat Blanc, 2012 Cabernet Franc (Reserve), 2012 Syrah (Reserve), 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2012 Malbec. Two of five delicious tastes:

* 2013 Dry Muscat Blanc – this wine smelled of flowers and a tropical vacation, with a subtle sweetness that would pair well with moderately spicy food or salty cheeses.

* 2012 Syrah (Reserve) – berries and pepper in a rich, deep wine that invited sip after sip until it was gone. Smelling the empty glass led to thoughts of Colorado lamb with fruit chutney as a nice pairing.


What We Love Winery makes wines co-owners Michael Hasler and Carolee Corey and assistant winemaker David-Bryant Sailer love. They offer sangria and mulled wine in addition to Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Orange Muscat, and a Red Rhone Blend.


What We Love poured Chardonnay, Orange Muscat, and two tastes of sangria and mulled wine:

* Decadent Saint Sangria: A Faithful Summer Rescue – made with red wine, real fruit, vanilla, almond, and spice. At 20.5% alcohol, it was helpful to taste it diluted and concentrated to appreciate all the flavors.

* Decadent Saint Mulled Wine: A Faithful Winter Rescue – made with red wine, dark chocolate, coffee, black, currants, and spices. At 20.5% alcohol, it was also helpful to taste this holiday favorite diluted and concentrated.

Visit the Boulder Wine Studios in North Boulder, Fridays through Sundays, 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  BookCliff Vineyards and What We Love are also open on Thursdays from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Until our next adventure in wine and food…

Boulder Wine Studios
1501 Lee Hill Road, #14, #16, #17
Boulder, CO 80304
Neighborhood: North Boulder

Read more about the wineries at Boulder Wine Studios:


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