The Infinite Monkey Theorem Albarino: Crisp and breezy white wine

At the same dinner party last night we served IMT’s bright and breezy Albarino with a roasted vegetable terrine and roasted asparagus soup with gremolata. Excellent pairings!  As you can see from the picture, the terrine didn’t exactly stay together in tidy slabs.  It’s supposed to be sliced like bread and served on the plate so you can see the cross section of the layers of roasted vegetables.  The wine, however, was perfect.  Albarino is a great wine to keep on hand because it goes with so many salad and vegetable courses, especially those that are high in acid. IMT/The Infinite Monkey Theorem is a Denver-based urban winery that sources many of its grapes from Colorado’s Grand Valley AVA. Sláinte!

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