Breckenridge Wine Extravaganza: Discovering new Colorado wines


Colorado has more than 100 wineries – a very good thing! However, with so many for people to discover – and a relative handful that have developed a following across and even outside of the state – some of the newer, up-and-coming wineries may be harder to notice. This past Memorial Day Weekend, the Breckenridge Wine Extravaganza showcased a number of lesser-known Colorado wineries, giving them a chance to shine.

And shine they did, especially on a rainy, cold day. The Extravaganza’s main tasting event, the Wine Festival, was held on Saturday, May 24, at the Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center. The main tasting, the Wine Festival, took place from 2:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the Colorado Ballroom. Attendees were able to taste away the day to live jazz from DOTSERO, Sarah Snead, and Flamenco guitarist Gary Meyers.


Among the day’s highlights:

* Garfield Estates – met the new owner Dee Barratt and her daughter, Allison, who is Garfield Estates’ new winemaker. Allison’s first wine has not yet been bottled. The Barratts poured from their inventory of wine made by Jeff & Carol Carr. The Syrah and G Road Red were highlights.

*Kingman Estates – “Zin is sin,” said one of the Kingman Estates’ representatives. Highlights from their offerings included Zinfandel that tasted like a liquid campfire; a crisp Chardonnay; and Marv’lous 1680 red blend with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Riesling.

* Bijou Creek – located on the Eastern Plains, Bijou Creek hopes to open a tasting room in Greely, Colorado, in the coming weeks. Their Merlot and Cabernet Franc were richly delicious.

* Ryker’s Cellars – winemaker Ryker Brandt relocated from California and brought his winemaking skills to bear on Colorado fruit. The result is a group of red wines that are tasteworthy. The Ryker’s Cellars Petit Sirah was awarded the Governor’s Cup in 2014.


* Aspen Peak Cellars – based in Bailey, Colorado, their Bordeaux blend 285 Fusion is named after Highway 285 that runs through Bailey. As one wine taster remarked: “This wine is dangerously smooth.”

* Avanti Winery – Littleton, Colorado, is home to this winery. They pour a full complement of white and red wines.

And what is wine without chocolate?


* Truffnies – Lisa Hemphill, the Chocolate Executive Officer, makes all of her own chocolates. Her gift boxes are for sale in specialty shops around the metropolitan area. Her salted caramel is DECACDENT!

* Dove Chocolate Discoveries is the home-based business affiliated with the more familiar Dove Chocolates. Discoveries distributors seek to bring chocolate to every meal, with everything from chocolate pancakes to chocolate vinaigrette salad dressing and recipes for savory chocolate rubs for meat.

Proceeds from the Breckenridge Wine Extravaganza benefit the Breckenridge Mountain Rotary Club.

Until our next adventure in wine and food…

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