Colorado Wine Tasting: Canyon Wind and Guy Drew 2011 Rosé wines


Ah, rosé. Spring at last! Or in this case, the unofficial start of summer with Memorial Day Weekend 2014. After a rainy start to the holiday, the sunshine that arrived on Memorial Day was conducive to whiling away an afternoon sipping a glass of pink wine. A number of Colorado wineries offer superb rosé. Here are two 2011 rosés from our collection:


* Guy Drew Dry Rosé. The vibrant fuchsia wine was made with a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon left on their skins for three days, then fermented until dry. It drew you in immediately with strawberries, cherries, and caramel on the nose, and delivered plum, nutmeg, and cloves on the palate. Vibrant color, vibrant flavor: vibrant all-around.

* Canyon Wind Cellars 47-Ten Rosé. The pale pink wine was light, sweet, and fruity on the nose. Scents of strawberries and ambrosia invited a taste. It was dry and crisp on the palate with hints of fruit cocktail. An elegant food-friendly wine that would pair well with summer salads and sunshine.

Cheers to a great summer filled with memorable glasses – or bottles – of wine!

Until our next adventure in wine and food…

Read more about Guy Drew Vineyards:

Read more about Canyon Wind Cellars:

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