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Colorado Wine Tasting: Three thumbs up

The menu: roasted fennel soup with toasted walnuts, crumbled Stilton, and lemon zest; herb salad with Herbs de Provence vinaigrette; roasted chicken Thomas Keller style (trussed!); brick chicken (a science experiment!); roasted mushroom risotto made with cauliflower “rice;” and pan-roasted Brussels sprouts with pancetta. For dessert, dark chocolate and dessert cheese with cranberries. It was … Continue reading

Crossover Episode: Mindful wine tasting

A crossover episode: where the day job and night job collide! At a recent meeting of our patient support group, a psychologist gave a presentation on mindfulness and symptom management. The goal of practicing mindfulness is to become intensely aware of the present experience without self-judgment and with acceptance and intention…and to develop more awareness … Continue reading

Colorado Wine Week begins!

Colorado Wine Week is off to a fantstic start!  The festivities began today with a patio party at Row 14 in Denver. It was a great place to sample the first of the many Colorado wine pairings for $15 at area restaurants. Row 14 offered a glass of Guy Drew Riesling paired with Colorado’s Alamosa … Continue reading