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DAM Uncorked: So many wines, so little time

It has become a rite of spring: the annual Denver Art Museum DAM Uncorked fundraiser. On April 11, 2014, hundreds of wine tasters — novices and cellar connoisseurs alike – gathered to sample wines from around the world. Patrons paired them with hors d’oeuvres from Kevin Taylor Catering and some of the best people watching … Continue reading

Crossover Episode: Mindful wine tasting

A crossover episode: where the day job and night job collide! At a recent meeting of our patient support group, a psychologist gave a presentation on mindfulness and symptom management. The goal of practicing mindfulness is to become intensely aware of the present experience without self-judgment and with acceptance and intention…and to develop more awareness … Continue reading

Tasting Bordeaux: Learning by the glass

Learning Bordeaux wines could be a lifetime pursuit. With more than 8,000 châteaux or wine makers located in a 500-square mile region of France, just sorting out the basics is a formidable task. In the end, perhaps simply learning by tasting is a good place to start. Last Thursday, January 23, offered such an opportunity … Continue reading